Our Process and Order Agreement

Please read through how our process works, what it entails and our guarantee. We ask that you please enter and submit your name as your understanding of this information, agreeing to the terms as stated.

Thank you so very much! 

Deposit - There is a 50% non-refundable deposit required for certain custom pieces such as graphic cards. Once you have submitted the Custom Graphic Card Form and Order Agreement forms, we will make arrangements for payment (we offer a secure online payment method through our site). Once received we will begin the design process. The deposit will be deducted from your final invoice and is non-refundable once the design process has begun. 

Design Fee and Commissions - There is a $100 design fee for each custom card, excluding the 6-panel accordion card, which carries a $150 design fee. 8x10 commissioned watercolor pieces cost $225. For alternate sizing additional fees may apply. 

Photo Editing - We will be able to provide slight photo editing for your pictures, if needed and applicable to your card. While we won't put your head on another body, we will do our best to make your photos look as fabulous as possible!

Timeline of Order - We put time and energy into creating the most fabulous cards possible, and pride ourselves in our ability to always satisfy our clients. Our design process, while not extensively long, does warrant the time to creatively satisfy your wants and needs. Our turn around from receiving your deposit, for graphic cards,  to the completion of the order is around two weeks, at times less. The influx of holidays orders may extend this timeline by a small amount, so ordering your card as early as possible is best to ensure delivery of your holiday card within you preferred timeline. All orders are first shipped to us from the printer for a quality check. Once approved, we will then ship the order to you. The print series has a shorter timeline, usually less than a week. Custom prints and commissions carry their own timeline, which will be determined by the project and quoted once the order has been placed. 

Proofing - We offer an extensive proofing process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your design before the card goes to print. For custom cards, you will receive three proofs during our process. First, the initial proof with the basic concept and layout of the card. Once approved, we will fine tune the details, sending you a second, working proof. When we have finalized the card, you will receive the final print ready proof. Your approval completes the design process and the card will then go to print. If further changes are requested beyond these proofs, there will be a charge of $25 per proof. If a new design of the card is requested after the approved basic concept there will be a $75 design fee. 

Payment - The Customer Payment page at the bottom of our site offers a secure and easy way of submitting online payment for deposits and orders. We are able to accept all major credit cards. Clients will remain anonymous, using  an assigned number to view and process their payments. We will always email a detailed invoice directly to our clients, for both deposits and orders, but this secure page is strictly for payment processes only. If for some reason you are uncomfortable processing your payment online, we can arrange for an alternative method of payment, such as a personal check. 

Discounts - We will frequently offer promotional, early bird registration and referral discounts for our clients. All discounts will be taken at the end of the process from the final invoice. 

Use of Pictures - We love to show off our designs on our website and various social media outlets to help spread the word about our creations. We will always either change or delete personal information from our graphic cards before posting them anywhere online. (i.e. - addresses) By agreeing to these terms, you are accepting that your card may be used for these purposes.

Ownership of Artwork - Bespoke Paper owns the rights to all artwork produced unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by both parties. For commissioned prints, the clients will receive the original piece of artwork; Bespoke Paper will retain a scanned copy of the piece for further use of the image. Reproductions of any and all artwork created and owned by Bespoke Paper is prohibited.   

Guarantee -  We wholeheartedly stand by our work and by our clients being 100% satisfied. If you are in any way unhappy with the product we have created, we will either fix the problem immediately or refund your order. 

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