A fabulous picture can turn a great card into an amazing one, and I want to make sure your photos are just as incredible as your cards! 


I am able to offer some photoshopping for my client's photos. I know it's hard to get those perfect family shots without pulling out your hair. Especially when you have a great picture but everyone's face is stuck in a big dark shadow, or some other photo crisis. Well don't fret, I can absolutely help! I can't promise to work miracles, but at times I've come pretty close. Send your photos and I will find those diamonds in the rough, work my magic and fine tune a fabulous photo for you! 

Photo Shoots

Now for those of you who are ready to leave it up to the professionals, I have just the people for you! These women are unbelievably, actually astonishingly, talented and can get the shots that we non-photographers can only dream of capturing. If you are not local to their areas, feel free to email me to see if I can connect you with another photographer closer to you. 

Carolyn Borlenghi Harris


Booking the Miami, FL area

Audrey Blake Breheney


Booking New York and New Jersey 

Jaclyn White Morgan


Booking North Carolina